Yamaha R15 Version 3.0 First Ride: Thrice as nice


  • Likes: Engine, refinement, equipment, styling, performance, pricing
  • Dislikes: No USD forks, no ABS

he speed, power and technological advancements of a superbike make it what it is today. For manufacturers, not only is it the pinnacle of their technological advancement but also an expression and example of what the brand stands for. Such is the Yamaha YZF-R1. But for many who may not ever be able to ride, let alone own one, the fully faired motorcycle will always be a fabled creature, a unicorn of sorts. Hence, the need for making entry-level sportbikes a spitting image of their litre-class counterparts, helping attract newer riders to the sport. Talent, however, cannot be created, you either have it or you dont. And that holds true for motorcycles too, they either have it in them or they dont.

The first generation R15 had a few things going against it. The high price tag for a 150cc, R1/R6 from the front but under-tyred skinny, unassuming rear but these didnt stop it from becoming the weapon of choice for riders serious about performance riding. It set the base for many riders who have graduated onto bigger machines now. The second generation was to cater to the faction of riders for whom the aesthetic appeal is prime. In the process, the longer wheelbase and fatter rear tyre entirely compromised on what was so likeable about the first version – handling.

Version 3.0 however, has got it all. Cues from the latest YZF-R1 and R6 are evident, making the new R15 look fast even while standing still. Split LED lamps separated by an air-intake, feeding a variable valve timing equipped 155cc engine that promises to match the go with the show.

Although the quality of components seems a tad lower than before, some of the glaring bits being the welding marks on the Deltabox. In spite of this, theres absolutely nothing to fault the design with, its a top-class looker.


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