A Chinese company does it again? Ford Bronco’s design ‘copied’ days after launch

Several Chinese companies across a wide range of sectors are infamous for copying designs of products – often quite blatantly. A few Chinese automakers are also guilty of replicating designs of vehicles manufactured and sold by other companies and this debatable issue has once again reared its contentious head after a carmaker’s latest renderings of an upcoming vehicle was found to have uncanny similarities with the recently-launched Ford Bronco.

Wey P01’s images have gone viral on social media after many observed that its design was very similar – if not identical – to Ford’s new offering. Netizens have highlighted how the boxy structure of the vehicle, its head light design, LEDs and a rear profile – barring slightly tweaked tail lights – are unmistakably picked from the Bronco.

Wey is a new brand from Great Wall Motors – a dominant local player in the Chinese auto market. Its renderings of P01 has once again ignited the debate about whether Chinese car makers are copying designs in toto, are inspired by them or these are just co-incidental cases. It is very unlikely that vehicles like P01 would be taken to markets out of China which gives local players some leeway.

It is not clear if Wey, however, does have launch plans for the P01.

Ford designers, however, are unlikely to be too pleased even if the Bronco’s design is apparently labeled ‘inspirational.’


source : hindustantimes